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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Update about Luke

It's been a while since we've made a post so I thought that I would share what Luke has been up to here's what Luke is up to!

CHP update: Last August Luke was told after not passing the eye exam portion of the test, if he were to get contact lenses, that he would have to wait a year before he could apply again, but if he were to get lasik surgery that he could apply right away after healing (presumably 3 months). After healing from the lasik surgery, Luke had it confirmed to him via email from the CHP recruiters that they now have a new director of the CHP academy. And, the rules have been changed about when he can apply again. Apparently now you have to wait a year regardless if you have had lasik surgery or contact lenses. So much for trying to speed the process along! So, Luke will reapply this August. Lucky for me he will be here when we have the baby! I wont have to worry about him being in the academy or something. We both feel that even though this may be frustrating to him, that it is all happening for a reason. We are happy that he will be able to (hopefully) get into the academy when the timing is right for our family.

Personal life update: I wanted to share this funny story about what has recently happened to Luke. So, Luke tries to stay very active, he plays on the church basketball team, and on a card league basketball team (his team is called the "Stripling Warriors"). Along with playing on these teams and going to basketball practice twice a week he has taken two weight lifting classes this semester... Lets just say that maybe he is exerting himself a little too much this past week. His arm, chest and tummy muscles were so sore, he couldn't lift his arms above his head! I called him "Barbie arms" because he couldn't even straighten his arms all the way! He was just walking around with his arms at 90 degree angles. Haha! Anyway, I'm excited to have a buff husband...eventually, even if right now he can't even lift his arm to put it around me!

PS- Luke's shirt in this picture....he tried to cut off the sleeves so that he could wear it as a work out shirt. But, he didn't take into account that it was a baseball tee. He just cut off the colored sleeves all the way up to the neck line! Luke is so funny! He's always making me laugh!