Slide Show

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Every time we give Josie a bath, she thinks she's a barrel horse! She runs around the house all crazy and does laps around our coffee table. I tried to capture her energy on camera. This isnt the best video that we've taken of her being crazy, but we'll work on it!

We have a ghost!

Guys, we totally had a ghostly image on our wall! Don't worry, I have a feeling that its a nice ghost. Haha, jk. I really don't know what this shaddow was, but I thought that it totally looked like a ghost! Fun times.

New Sewing Bodice!

Last year I really started getting into sewing! I recently ordered a bodice so that I could really tailor the peices that I make for me. This is one dress that I have made and me posing with it. I really like this dress, and I really wear it! Jo-Jo felt left out while I was taking the picture, so she was trying to get into the background. Haha, she's a funny dog. Luke supports my sewing habbit and likes the things that I make. He's a real keeper!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At Ben and Racheal Draper's Wedding

These are some Pictures of us while we were getting ready to head to Ben and Racheal's wedding last December. Luke insists on being a dork everytime I try to make him take a serious picture. He probably thinks that I wont use the picture because he is making a silly face. So, in spite of him I still use the pictures.