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Sunday, November 30, 2008

The moment we knew!

We found out last night that I'm pregnant! We couldn't be more excited! We've been thinking about how much our lives are going to change, and that we need to get a better vacuum!
I kind of had a feeling that I was pregnant all month! We finally went to Walgreen's and bought the pee stick! Turned out to be positive, so I grabbed the camera and said, "Luke! We have to take pictures now!"
Luke was kind of surprised that I wanted to take pictures of us with the pregnancy test. But he was in such a good mood that he didn't even bother to argue!

I've now posted one of those baby things that tell you how far along you are, and what the baby looks like. Right now the baby looks like a weird iguana or something!
Its ok, it will get cuter. I'm 36 days along, I'm feeling kinda nauseous. Nothing sounds good to eat and I can smell too much, and it makes things unappetizing.
We're hoping for a boy. Luke of course wants a little one to rough house with, and I've always wanted there to be a big brother to take care of the little girls we'll probably have. Either way, we'll be happy. It's pretty soon in the pregnancy, we hope and pray all goes well! But we're just too excited to keep it to ourselves!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walking down hilarious memory lane...

So, I was looking at some of my old pictures that I have of Luke and me before we were dating and were just friends. I came across Melissa Passantino and my themed birthday party we had for our 19Th birthday. Our theme of Course was "White Trash Birthday Bash!!!!" I remember we made really funny party invitations that were just crumpled up pieces of paper with a picture of a hillbilly. The hillbilly had a word bubble that told everyone to come to the party. At the party we had name tags that people would wear so they would have "white trash" names. Mine was Aggie-May. Luke's name was Billy-Bob (classic). We also had different games that we played including, "who's knocked up?"- a pregnancy test game, color that velvet NASCAR poster, And of course trashcan basketball. Then after all of the games we ate a birthday cake made of Twinkies. When our bellies were nice and full, we went out on the town to play a game of cops and robbers in a trailer park. We felt that it was only fitting for a white trash birthday bash to end with someone going to jail.

So, here is Melissa and me posing in our white trash outfits. We told everyone since it was a themed party, that everyone had to dress up. Melissa and I went shopping at one of the local thrift stores where we purchased our lovely attire. I opted for a pink and black lacy tank top covered with a leopard print sweater. Now, you cant see my pants, but let me assure you, they were AMAZING! They were of course tight denim stretch jeans that had slits on the outsides of the leg. Then those slits were laced up (like shoe laces) with leather laces! YES! I wore a pare of plastic white and blue Velcro platforms that Uncle Boyd bought from payless for 3.00. He bought these as a joke for me for my birthday one year. I held on to them because I knew that I would be able to wear them as a joke for something. I'm so glad that I kept them because they were perfect! I chose to style my hair after Peg Bundy. I didn't have a picture of Luke, but I just blew up the picture that I had of him in the group. Luke came with his group of family and friends that he's been friends with forever. While we were friends and would always hang out, our group dubbed them "The Boys". The boys were so fun and came dressed up too. We were so excited that they actually dressed up (We didn't think that they were going to)! So when Luke came in a jacket-vest without a shirt on underneath, I laughed so hard! I have no idea what he's holding up in this picture. But he is doing one of his famous "Luke faces".

Now here's a picture of me and Chad Waggstaff that I just had to put in here!! His white trash name was Peety Jr. Chad slicked back his hair and he had cheese wiz all over his wife beater (how absolutely white trash). We of course we had cheese wiz at our party, and only Chad would have a cheese wiz fight with someone. This was such a totally fun party and a silly night. I wish that we still had fun themed parties like this!! I might have to start a new tradition and get these themed parties going again!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I've been tagged twice!!

Leah and Dawn tagged me!!
Here are the rules:
Link the Person who Tagged you.
Mention rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
Leave a comment to let them know.

I don't know enough people on Blogger to tag 6 People.
I'm not that popular I guess...haha
So, I'm just going to answer the questions!

1. I read the entire twilight series in 1 week (including midnight sun). I have a huge crush on Edward Cullen (Luke knows). And I used to Hate Jacob Black. I think that I got a little too into the series...

2. I get really grumpy when I'm hungry.

3. I play sims 2 a lot. I'm Waitng for sims 3 to come out this spring!

4. I'm a primary teacher and when the kids do weird things (because you know kids do weird things) I just straight up say to them, "You're weird". Haha! I like to laugh at them a lot. I think that kids are nerds.

5. I'm obsessed with picking at Luke's back...gross. He hates it.

6. I carry/hold my dog Josie in my arms like she's a baby. She likes it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outlaws Baseball Game

We had a fun time with the fam at an Outlaws game. Luke's parents won the raffle and so we got to sit on the couches by the team's dugout! Come to think of it, I don't know how much of a treat it was...those couches must be nasty! Haha, at least they were comfortable.
I accedently took this video sideways on my phone, and I don't know how to flip it. But its a cute video of Rylee dancing the Chicken Dance followed by the YMCA. She's so hilarious!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are anyone else's dogs as weird as mine?

Here's a really weird/funny/annoying thing that Rocky does. He gets OBSESSIVE over the bathtub (PS- I've tried to clean it with all my might...its just old and stained) Josie taught him to drink out of the bathtub. Now he will just stand in there until I make him get out, because he's a weirdo. Now, because I wont turn on the water for him, he's started sticking his nose down the drain and breathing into it. Hahaha, it makes this loud noise, but I laugh every time I hear him doing it.

Now I just try and keep the bathroom shut at all times. Their water bowls are always full, I don't know why they like to drink out of the tub! Funny dogs!

Josie always seems to eat the big bones, while Rocky prefers the small bones. Josie thought that this was a particularly good bone, so she was trying to find a good hiding spot for it, so that Rocky wouldn't find it. We had a good laugh watching her trying to carry around the bone and trying to hide it.

The closet seemed like a good spot

But, then she changed her mind. All the hours of gnawing on the bone, she's barely nibbled off one corner of it.

Luke's PRK (Lasik) surgery is on Monday!

Luke's getting PRK surgery which apparently is more painful than lasik. I guess what the difference is, is that with lasik, They flap over so many microns of your eye and then go to work on it with a laser. Then, after they've worked on your eye, they flap the top layer of your eye back over and let it heal. They say that you notice the benefits of the surgery almost right away. BUT, Luke's getting PRK. He'll have the same end results as lasik, but more pain along the way. Poor, poor Lukey. His procedure is different because the layer of microns that he has is too thin to proceed with the lasik. So, what the PRK is all about is completely removing the layer of 50 microns. Then working on his eye with the laser. After they laser his eyeballs, they put a protective contact lens on. They say he's going to want to sleep, or just keep his eyes shut for the first 36 hours because it will just feel like his eyes will have sand in them. Hooray. So, Pray for little Lukey, that he will not hurt too bad. And pray for me that I can take care of the big baby. The Doctors also said that his eyes will be irritated 5-7 days. We're going to have him stay at his parent's house for those 5-7 days so that we can be sure that he doesn't get any doggie hairs in his eye during this critical time. A side story to Luke's surgery, Luke's mom is helping us by paying for the surgery up front, and then we will pay her back later. When she went in to pay for the surgery they told us that half of the balance was paid by someone who wanted to stay anonymous. So, thank you to this mysterious person! We really appreciate the help...*cough*Grandma Young...*cough*. That's who we think it is anyway. But, if it was someone else, thank you too. But as soon as Luke is recovered (probably in a month) he's going to retake the tests!! Yahoo! Now he's sure to pass!! But, if he doesn't pass the CHP tests, we'll take it as a sign. Haha, We love our Lukey!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Luke and Meg's favorite movies had a baby!

So, I ran across some really funny photoshop pictures online. They are a combination of Luke's favorite movies (Star Wars) and my favorite book series (Harry Potter). I had a good laugh about it!!! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Update on CHP

Paint Ball Wounds

Here are some pictures of Luke's paint ball welts. He loves playing paint ball at least once a week on the course that he and his friends built in our back yard. Crazy guys.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We have a new dog!!!

(I made it look like a birth announcement as a joke y'all!)

Camping in Fort Bragg

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Every time we give Josie a bath, she thinks she's a barrel horse! She runs around the house all crazy and does laps around our coffee table. I tried to capture her energy on camera. This isnt the best video that we've taken of her being crazy, but we'll work on it!

We have a ghost!

Guys, we totally had a ghostly image on our wall! Don't worry, I have a feeling that its a nice ghost. Haha, jk. I really don't know what this shaddow was, but I thought that it totally looked like a ghost! Fun times.