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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our First Trip to The Fair

Here we are at our first trip to the Chico fair! Naomi and I are infront of a car ride waiting for cute cousins Kurtis and Ellie to finish their drive around the umbrella!

We saw many animals in the FFA tents include some adorable goats!

Although Naomi slept through most of the fair, she did wake up to look at some cute bunnies.

I thought the mama and baby piggies were so adorable! The pigglets reminded me of my doggie Jo-Jo :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pretty as a Penny

While we were visiting Jeremy and Kim (who I frequently mix up and call, "keremy and Jim") "Penny" the pony was being shuttled back home from the Testicle Festival (please excuse the crude name if you have sensitive ears...I didn't make it up!) The nice owner let us ride her! I did take a ride, however (aka luckily) I did not get footage of that! Naomi wasn't sure of how she liked Penny, it was definitely a new experience for her! But she was the cutest pony and had the best personality!!