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Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a needy puppy!

Josie these last couple of days has been really, really clingy to me. I'm wondering if she is sensing that there is a baby coming soon and so she's getting all the attention she can get while she still can! There is never a moment where she is not sitting on my lap, or snuggling close to me. I find this funny because Rocky is usually the one who wants to be close to me, and she usually prefers to be close to Luke! Last night when I went to sit down on the couch, she came over to me and nuzzled her way under my dress and laid on my chest! I laughed so hard and made Luke take a picture of it. Luke complained and said, "No more pictures of the dogs! That's all we have pictures of on the camera!" I assured him that will change as soon as the baby is born. Its even more funny because as my belly gets bigger and bigger, there is less and less room for her to sit on my lap! So, in this picture I look like a huge fatty, but its just because I have a baby in the belly and a doggy on the lap! Even now as I type this blog entry, Josie is sitting on what is left of my lap. I love the time I spend cuddling with my dogs though! They will always be my little puppies!