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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Outlaws Baseball Game

We had a fun time with the fam at an Outlaws game. Luke's parents won the raffle and so we got to sit on the couches by the team's dugout! Come to think of it, I don't know how much of a treat it was...those couches must be nasty! Haha, at least they were comfortable.
I accedently took this video sideways on my phone, and I don't know how to flip it. But its a cute video of Rylee dancing the Chicken Dance followed by the YMCA. She's so hilarious!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are anyone else's dogs as weird as mine?

Here's a really weird/funny/annoying thing that Rocky does. He gets OBSESSIVE over the bathtub (PS- I've tried to clean it with all my might...its just old and stained) Josie taught him to drink out of the bathtub. Now he will just stand in there until I make him get out, because he's a weirdo. Now, because I wont turn on the water for him, he's started sticking his nose down the drain and breathing into it. Hahaha, it makes this loud noise, but I laugh every time I hear him doing it.

Now I just try and keep the bathroom shut at all times. Their water bowls are always full, I don't know why they like to drink out of the tub! Funny dogs!

Josie always seems to eat the big bones, while Rocky prefers the small bones. Josie thought that this was a particularly good bone, so she was trying to find a good hiding spot for it, so that Rocky wouldn't find it. We had a good laugh watching her trying to carry around the bone and trying to hide it.

The closet seemed like a good spot

But, then she changed her mind. All the hours of gnawing on the bone, she's barely nibbled off one corner of it.

Luke's PRK (Lasik) surgery is on Monday!

Luke's getting PRK surgery which apparently is more painful than lasik. I guess what the difference is, is that with lasik, They flap over so many microns of your eye and then go to work on it with a laser. Then, after they've worked on your eye, they flap the top layer of your eye back over and let it heal. They say that you notice the benefits of the surgery almost right away. BUT, Luke's getting PRK. He'll have the same end results as lasik, but more pain along the way. Poor, poor Lukey. His procedure is different because the layer of microns that he has is too thin to proceed with the lasik. So, what the PRK is all about is completely removing the layer of 50 microns. Then working on his eye with the laser. After they laser his eyeballs, they put a protective contact lens on. They say he's going to want to sleep, or just keep his eyes shut for the first 36 hours because it will just feel like his eyes will have sand in them. Hooray. So, Pray for little Lukey, that he will not hurt too bad. And pray for me that I can take care of the big baby. The Doctors also said that his eyes will be irritated 5-7 days. We're going to have him stay at his parent's house for those 5-7 days so that we can be sure that he doesn't get any doggie hairs in his eye during this critical time. A side story to Luke's surgery, Luke's mom is helping us by paying for the surgery up front, and then we will pay her back later. When she went in to pay for the surgery they told us that half of the balance was paid by someone who wanted to stay anonymous. So, thank you to this mysterious person! We really appreciate the help...*cough*Grandma Young...*cough*. That's who we think it is anyway. But, if it was someone else, thank you too. But as soon as Luke is recovered (probably in a month) he's going to retake the tests!! Yahoo! Now he's sure to pass!! But, if he doesn't pass the CHP tests, we'll take it as a sign. Haha, We love our Lukey!